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Choosing Vape Hardware or a kit for the first time is a tough decision with so many Brands to choose from! You start to feel overwhelmed, not so bad if you are already a Vaper looking to upgrade to something else and have already done a little research into your next kit. Choosing the wrong kit or one not suited to your needs will either make or break your vaping experience,  so don't jump in head first without a little research first.

Aspire Vape Hardware

Aspire Vape Hardware has been designed for both new users and experienced vapers alike, we offer a range of starter kits, sub ohm tanks, mouth to lung tanks and replacement vape coils.  Aspire Vape Kits have been designed for vapers of all levels, featuring both mouth to lung and sub ohm devices, including: the Aspire K3 Kit, the X30 Rover Kit and the Breeze Kit. this extensive range of vape hardware gives users access to pod vape kits, starter kits as well as more advanced vape kits. Aspire kits are simple to use often featuring one button operation as well as good build quality. Aspire Vape Tanks have been a favourite amongst new vapers and experienced users for years, thanks to their combination of high build quality and durability. Aspire Vape Coils are long lasting and provide impressive levels of flavour and cloud. We stock both sub ohm coils and mouth to lung coils for a variety of Aspire tanks and vape kits. Aspire coils feature innovative technology, including increased surface area and cross compatibility - to help users get the most out of their vape. 

INNOKIN Vape Hardware 

Innokin are one of the oldest names in vaping. Through the years they have designed and manufactured vape devices, vape kits and vape tanks that have remained popular - featuring both mouth to lung and sub ohm hardware including: the Kroma-A Kit, Prism Tank, EZ Watt Kit and a whole range of replacement vape coils. Innokin Vape Kits Innokin Vape Kits are available that suit a range of levels, from kits such as the Endura T20 and T18E Vape Starter Kits designed for new users. All the way to sub ohm vape kits for experienced users such as the Innokin Proton Kit. Innokin vape devices are hard wearing and often easy to operate, making them popular for sub ohm vaping and mouth to lung vaping. Innokin Vape Tanks Innokin Vape Tanks are all TPD compliant, with the Innokin Prism T20S and Innokin Zenith Tank featuring a range of innovative designs such as top filling and quick coil change. With a variety  of replacement coils available at different resistances, Innokin tanks can be used for mouth to lung vaping and sub ohm vaping effectively. Innokin Vape Coils Innokin Vape Coils use only high quality wire and wicking materials. Coils are available to fit a number of vape tanks and vape kits including Prism Coils, Zenith Tank Coils, iSub Tank Coils and more. A range of popular resistances are available for innokin coils, making them ideal for both mouth to lung vaping and sub ohm vaping.

Ejuice Planet

Whether you're a smoker looking to try out vaping for the first time, or you're a converted vaper looking for a better performing setup, Ejuice Planet has a range of vape kits to suit your needs. All our products are displayed with a good description to help you choose the right type of kit for your needs, if you are still unsure then drop us a line.   

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Choosing Your First Vape Kit

Vape Kits

There are many types of e-cigarettes or starter vape kits on the market. These devices offer good performance without being complicated to use or expensive to buy. For easier explanation, we will group these kits into three categories and will explain the benefits and drawbacks of each group. By the end, you should be able to make an informed decision on which type of Vaping starter kit is best suited for you.

Disposable Cig-A-Likes and Closed Pod Systems

The Disposable Cig-A-Likes and Closed Pod Systems are a great way to try switching to vaping. They are often inexpensive to start with, convenient and easy to use.

The devices consist of a rechargeable battery and a disposable ‘pod’ which contains the nicotine infused eliquid and the heating element that produces the vapour. To use the device, you simply connect the pod to the battery and inhale. These devices are generally activated by what we refer to as “auto-draw”, so when you inhale the battery is activated and the heating element inside the pod vaporises the eliquid.

On most cig-a-like devices, a small led light lights up to indicate the device is active. When the battery is running low, some devices will flash in a different colour to let you know it’s time to recharge the battery. Most cig-a-likes are recharged via a USB cable, just be sure to carefully follow your device manual and never leave your e-cigarette to charge unattended.

The benefits of these small devices is that they are widely available, inexpensive, lightweight and portable, and easy to use. They also look less intimidating and more socially acceptable in public places where vaping is allowed. But due to the compact nature of these devices, vapour production and battery life is limited and heavy users will often find they will need multiple batteries and sometimes pods to get them through the day.

This neatly brings us onto the next type of beginner kits we recommend.

Refillable Vape Kits

The Refillable Vape Kits offer a number of advantages over cig-a-likes, however they are heavier and larger in size. The main advantage is a refillable eLiquid pod; or a ‘clearomiser tank’ as it’s commonly called. Before using your refillable kit for the first time, you need to fill the chamber with eLiquid. You can purchase eLiquid from same retailer where you buy your starter kit or from online retailers like Ejuice Planet.

With the larger size, you will also get more battery capacity in your device. In simple terms the basic vape kits will often last 4-6 times longer than a smaller cig-a-like.

As you use your device, liquid will be vaporised from your tank and you will have to periodically refill your tank as well as recharge your battery. This does make things a little bit more complicated, but after the first few times of refilling your device the process becomes easy. Due to the reduced amount of disposable components in refillable tank systems, you will find that the on-going cost if vaping is also reduced.

There are two types of refillable vape tank kits you can buy. There are kits with disposable refillable vape tanks and there are refillable vape tanks where the heating element (commonly referred to a vape coil) is replaceable.

Disposable Vape Tanks

Over time with use, the vaporisation of eliquid will reduce the effectiveness of your heating element and the wicking material in the tank. As a result you will notice less vapour production and less pleasant flavour. As a rough guide, a vape tank without a replaceable coil will need to be replaced every 2 weeks with regular use. You just dispose of the entire tank and replace with a new one.

Refillable Vape Tanks With Replaceable Coils

If you prefer the benefits of a refillable tank, we recommend you buy a tank with an option to replace coils. Instead of throwing away the whole tank every 2 weeks, you just replace the heating element (coil) every 1-2 weeks. The advantage is that you are not throwing away the tank, so naturally you have more options for better quality tanks with additional features. These may include a child-lock or adjustable air-flow which makes it easier or harder to draw the vapour, kind-of simulating the difference between a lighter and a stronger cigarette.

So even for beginner vapers there is a wide choice of devices you can choose from, and all types have their advantages and drawbacks. In summary...

Cig-A-Likes & Closed Pod Systems

The smaller cig-a-likes are lightweight, easily fit in your pocket or purse and are easy to use. Battery capacity and vapor production is limited, but the convenience of disposable pods eliminates the need for refilling e liquid and changing coils. If convenience and a small form-factor are important for you, you want to consider these devices. Both Cig-a-likes and Closed Pod Systems function almost identically, but there are a few differences between them, namely in appearance; as the Cig-a-like actually looks like a tobacco cigarette, whereas a Closed Pod System does not.

Basic Tank Kits

The tank based kits offer improved performance and significantly better battery life, but they are larger and heavier. You can save a significant amount of money by refilling your eliquid and you will have a much wider and readily available choice of eliquid flavours and nicotine strengths to choose from.

Vape Tank Kits With Option To Replace Coils

Vape Kits with tanks that have an option for replaceable coils generally offer the best performance and increase your chances of successfully switching to vaping. It does mean you will have to buy and refill your eliquid and replace your coils every 1-2 weeks.

Think of it as the vape equivalent of rolling your own cigarettes, compared to buying pre-made ones. You have to put in a little bit more work, but you can save a lot of money and you have a lot more choice.

Ejuice Planet

What we have found that for most people switching to vaping from smoking is a journey taken in small steps. We suggest you start off with a device you feel most comfortable with and try to use it to replace your regular cigarette breaks. You may find it hard at first to switch completely, so having a small convenient device can help significantly during the early stages.

As you get more used to the idea and feeling of vaping, you will naturally become comfortable with the technology and progression onto more complicated devices becomes much easier.

If you feel you need some further guidance we suggest you visit your local vape retailer or contact an online vendor like Ejuice Planet.

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Refillable Pod Vape Kits and Closed Pod Devices

refillable pod vape kits

Pod Vape Kits and Closed Tank Systems are ideal for beginners as they are small, simple to use, and closely mimic the experience of smoking. Some have buttons, and some are simply activated by inhaling in the device.

They also require very little vaping knowledge on the part of the user, and biggest concern someone is faced with is the choice of flavour and nicotine strengths. Pod vape kits typically offer higher nicotine strengths such as 9mg and 18mg, as they produce less vapour that the more powerful vape tanks and mod setups.

Each vape pod contains up to 2ml of eLiquids and a coil to heat the eLiquid and produce the vapor, instead of having to contend with batteries, tanks, liquids, cleaning and so on. All that’s often required is popping a pod into a battery, and away you go.

Vape Kits With Integrated Batteries

vape kits with integrated batteries

 Integrated battery vaping kits contain everything needed to get started on your vaping journey (apart from eLiquid). There is no need to buy additional batteries or tanks as these mods use built in batteries and are charged via USB.

Various types of kits with integrated batteries are available for vapers of all levels, from beginner all in one kits up to powerful temperature control equipped devices.

Vape Kits With Replaceable Batteries

vape kits with replaceable batteries

Vape kits with replaceable batteries are powered by removable 18650 or 20700, 21700 batteries which are not included with these kits unless otherwise stated. These powerful kits require either one or more batteries, and offer high power and battery life compared to smaller mods. Batteries and chargers must be purchased separately. 

Vaping Accessories

Chargers, Battery Cases

Of course no Vape kit is complete without accessories to tailor your needs, we offer a number of eCig accessories to make your vaping experience more enjoyable, including drip tips, tank bands, tools, cases, and cloths to help keep your vape gear in tip-top shape.

Vape Battery Charger

Vape Battery Charger