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Aspire Cleito replacement Coils - Ejuice planet

Stock Coils

Clearomisers and replacement coils are disposable products that are expected to last anywhere between a few days and a few weeks, depending on usage. It is always important once you have fitted a new coil to let it stand for a few minutes so the ejuice can soak into the cotton otherwise you are more likely to experience a dry hit or burn the new coil straight out.

Demon Killer Wheel pre made Coils - Ejuice planet

Pre Made Coils

 Pre made Vape Coils      

We know that building coils can be daunting, so to make the process of using RBTAs, RBA Decks, RDAs and RTAs much easier, we supply a range of premade vape coils. All you need to do is pick your favourite coils and add cotton! Please do bear in mind that when you install a pair of coils in a dripper or tank, the resistance will be halved so please make sure that your device is compatible!

Vapor Tech Heating wire, Kanthal A1, Stainless Steel - Ejuice Planet


There are quite a few different types of wire, they come in different gauges and types of wire builds, when it comes down to it, its best for a beginner to step into coil building slowly and start maybe with a Kanthal A1 wire it is also good practice to have a ohms/volt meter and a basic coil building kit and last but not least an understanding of ohm's law to make sure you are going to build a suitable safe coil, seems daunting! Well maybe at first but ask any advanced vaper about coil building and they will tell you its a great experience!

Replacement Vape Coils

Aspire Triton Mini replacement coils - Ejuice planet

Replacement vape coils or atomisers are the replaceable unit with which e-liquid is heated up and vaporized. Essentially, it's a coiling of wire wrapped in wicking material, which soaks up the e-liquid and draws it into the coil. When the device is activated, power from the battery heats up the coil and vaporize the e-liquid. Coils have various resistances for different uses, allowing a vaper to tailor their vaping experience to their needs. Sub ohm coils are often used at higher temperatures, producing warmer and larger amounts of vapour. Conversely, higher resistance coils do not allow as much current to flow, creating less heat and a cooler vape.