Guide to Travelling with eCigs and Vapes

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Travelling with your vape gear

A guide to Travelling with eCigs and Vapes  
Travelling by air can be stressful at the best of times, so we’ve compiled a handy guide to help you use your e-cigarette abroad.  

Check Before You Travel  The laws surrounding vaping differ from country to country, we always recommend you check on the relevant government websites before you start vaping in a foreign country. The same is true when travelling by air to your destination, airlines rarely let you vape on board their aircraft, or in the airport itself.  

Travel Checklist  Boarding Pass, Passport, Tickets… oh yes, Vape! Make sure when you travel you’re prepared for any e-cigarette emergency, we recommend you bring the following:  

  • Vape Device  
  • Spare Coils / Wicks and Wire  
  • E-liquids and E-liquid Pods    
  • Charged Batteries  
  • Charger / USB Lead  
  • Storage Case  
  • Battery Case  
  • Drip Cloth   
  • International Plug Adaptor   

Packing Tips 

Imagine opening your suitcase on arrival and your flip flops and Hawaiian shirts are covered in eliquid – not a great start. Proper packing can help keep your holiday gear in tip top condition. We recommend you secure eliquid bottles to avoid leaks, to avoid breakage Plastic Bottles are a good idea. Invest in a decent Vape Carry Case, it will not not only help you keep things organised but also protect your vape hardware. Same goes for vape batteries, keep them stored in either individual Vape Battery cases or Silicone battery Sleeves. 

Finally, empty your tank before boarding the flight as the change in air pressure can cause leaks. Getting Through Security A lot of people ask ‘can you bring eliquid on planes?’ E-liquid is subject to the same laws as any other liquid when travelling by plane. Usually no more than 100ml of liquid per bottle, and they should be stored in clear plastic bags. Make sure you stick to the law to avoid confiscation of your new tasty Shortfill.    

Keep your vaping gear in your hand luggage, along with the original packaging (if possible) in case you need to prove that it is a vape device. With this in mind keep your vape device fully assembled, a separated battery and atomiser can raise suspicion. Finally, don’t vape in the airport unless in the designated area. Of course the laws surrounding bringing a vape on a plane will differ across the board. The CAA offer guidelines to help.


You’ve made it through security, the plane has landed, and you’re settled into your hotel / questionable looking hostel that’s definitely not four stars as advertised. Put your feet up and soak up a bit of the atmosphere – before you start chucking clouds make sure you check with the staff that you can use your e-cigarette in the hotel.  

PLEASE NOTE: The information is a general guide to travelling with ecigarettes and vaping equipment, but further research should always be taken before travelling. Laws and regulations of a country can change over time, so it’s wise to find out the current laws in your destination before embarking. 

Ejuice Planet holds no responsibility for what experiences you may have on your travels.

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